Five Easy Pieces (1970)

Five Easy Pieces (1970) movie torrent download
Five Easy Pieces (1970) Movie Torrent Download
IMDB: 7.5
Release: 1970
Director: Bob Rafelson
Country: USA
Genres: Drama

Bobby Eroica Dupea comes from a well-bred family of musicians, and once showed great promise as a concert pianist. By nature a restless, angry individual, Bobby left his family and his music when he could no longer endure the dull, cloistered routine of daily practice. He took to the road, wanting to "see the world," and hopefully find something or someone to quell his inner turmoil. He has settled in a small town as an oil rigger, where his life consists of going to work, arguing with his dimwitted but loving girlfriend Rayette, and bowling every night with his friend Elton. Not surprisingly, this routine begins to disgust Bobby and, fed up, he decides to travel to Puget Sound, Washington to pay his family a visit. Leaving Rayette at a nearby motel, gets on a truck leaving everything. Five Easy Pieces (1970) movie torrent, Five Easy Pieces (1970) 720p 1080p full hd movie download.

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